Monday, August 17, 2009

Memory Box/Poppy Stamps ATC Swap Anyone?

Hi friends! I have decided to host a Memory Box/Poppy Stamps ATC swap. It will be combined in one group & you can either use Memory Box or Poppy Stamps for your ATC, you choose which one you want to use. I have some pending spots held for some people that I think may want to sign up. If I don't hear from them, I will open those spots to whoever. I am only going to open one group since this is my first time, so if you are interested, be sure to sign up soon. Please e-mail me directly to sign up, that way I have your e-mail information to contact you. You can e-mail me through "my profile" in "About Me" (under copyright) listed on the right in my sidebar. I have listed the swap details below the sign up list. I will e-mail you with my mailing info once group has filled. Please wait to start your swaps until you hear from me. If the group does not fill, unfortunately, I may have to cancel the swap. I will keep the sign up open through Friday August 21st. I hope you will consider joining!!

SWAP IS NOW CLOSED w/ one addition :)
1. Nancy - DONE :)
2. Tami - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09
3. Tinla - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09
4. Tracy C. - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-06
5. Armie - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09
6. Susan N. - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09
7. Kim B. - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09
8. Anthonette - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09
9. Ruth Ann - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09
10. Rhiannon - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09
11. Victoria N. - RECEIVED :) -shipped 9-28-09

ATC DETAILS: Create 10 (please make 11 now) identical ATC's -- you will get back 11 including 1 of your own. (if you haven't made ATC's before, check out this tutorial). Must be 2 or more layers. Please use at least 1 Memory Box or Poppy Stamps image (otherwise, no vendor restrictions). At least one embellishment preferred, but not required (i.e. ribbon, rhinestone, charm, etc.). Your swaps are due to me by Friday, September 25th. I will swap out on Monday, September 28th.

Please sign and number each of your swaps and put them in a zip-lock bag to protect them from the elements. Your bag should be marked with your name. Also include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with $1.76 for postage (4 first class stamps) + 1 additional stamp (it will be returned if not needed). NO metered strips please. Any questions, please e-mail me!! :)


Tami said...

count me in. sent you an email.

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea!!!! I am so in! We need to get this filled...I want to swap MB so badly:) I'm going to email you now:) Tinla

Tracy said...

Count me in!!!

Armie said...

Hello Nancy,

Ooohh, how fun is this!! I'm game with this one..I'm IN too!! I'll email you after this!!

Tami said...

sent you an email. I recruited another person tonight.

Unknown said...

I would LOVE to join you fantastic ladies :) Thanks for the invite Nancy :)