Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Bumper Card

I think it's safe to post my April Bumper card since I mailed it early last week. I hope the recipient has received it by now. This is a Jennie inspired card. I have a hang up making cards with the A Muse Gerber Daisy stamp, I don't know what it is. Jennie is "queen" of A Muse "Gerber Daisy" cards so she was very inspirational in the making of this card. Thanks Jennie! I LOVE Gerber Daisies IRL, I just think they are HAPPY flowers and you really start seeing them show up in nurseries this time of year, around where I live at least. I thought this would make a sweet spring card. I have always really enjoyed the blue & red color combo & it was fun getting to play with my new A Muse grosgrain stitched ribbon (THANKS Tracy!!). The blue of this ribbon matches perfectly with the blue tin plate notes from A Muse. It's funny since I usually have trouble getting my glitter to show up in photos, this has almost too much of a glare on it so it's almost showing too much sparkle in the photo. I've included a close up of the "daisy" which doesn't seem to show quite as much of a glare. Still trying to master the "getting a good photo" thing. Wishing all of you a happy spring day as well & a happy weekend. Card Info: Blue Tin Plate, Red Kitchen Notes (cut down), image, sentiment & ribbon by A Muse Artstamps; White Card Stock by GP; Stickles; Spica Glitter Pen; Copic Markers; Ink by Palette & Versa Fine; Provo Craft Scallop Scissors. TFL :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

ATC swap?

If anyone is interested in joining a Cat's Pajama's or Memory Box ATC swap, check out this post here. There is also a Stampin' Up group that has a spot left. If you are not familiar with ATC's, you can check out a tutorial here. Have a great day! ETA: There are still 5 spots left to fill in The Cat's Pajama's Group & I think 2 in the Memory Box group.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did You See This?

Psst.....Did you see this? I can't wait!! Last year was such a blast!

Monday, April 14, 2008


I had the idea for this card in my head, I just needed to put it together. It's very simple, yet I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It also happens to be one of my favorite color combinations. I think I may make a set of these in different colors. I can think of so many fun variations, I'm going to have fun playing around with differnet combinations. I think it is just a cheery card to send to those who have a special place in my heart!
Card Info: Notecard by Memory Box (Vanilla Bean); A Muse Artstamps Polka Dot Kitchen Note (Blueberry) cut down; GP White Cardstock; Polka Dot Alphabet Letters A Muse Artstamps; Ink Stampin' Up Chocolate Chip; Brads by Making Memories; Provo Craft Mini Scallop Scissors; Ribbon unknown.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What A Weekend!

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS this weekend! Unfortunately, when we were on our way to Redding, CA for the weekend, and lets just say things didn't turn out as planned. About 4 hours away from home, this is how things ended up (see below). What a mess!! I won't bore you with all the details, but the good news is, we are home safely now.
On a happier note, I was able to snap some images of this sweet little bird drinking & taking a bath in our fountain Sunday.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Stamp Storage

I've been looking for a way to store a portion of my stamps & below I've shared some photos of what I've found. I was looking for something that was very high quality. I found a really great company called ScrapNcube on one of our weekend getaways. You need to go check out their web page & see some of the crafting stations they have created with their products. They have some wonderful items that all intermix with each other. I like these cubes, because I can easily add more to this one and their quality is fantastic. I really like that they are a "local" company and their products are made locally in their warehouse. You are able to stain or paint the wood, but I guess most of their customers leave them as is & the look of the wood as is, is very attractive. Right now I have it sitting on the floor next to my workspace, but I may likely move it once my stamping room becomes more functional. Below is a picture of the cube with the drawers closed. This next picture is a peek of five of the six drawers opened. I was surprised at how many stamps I could fit into these drawers. I need to take a picture of a full drawer so you get the idea of how many stamps can fit into them. I will try to add one after I finish since several of the drawers I don't have completely full yet, and the sixth drawer is still empty. I still have a bunch of stamps to add, and I probably won't store my holiday (ie: Christmas, Valentines, Easter, etc.) in here because I only use them a short time of the year. The majority of my stamps are A Muse & other companies that are similar in size. At this point, I pretty much have just been putting the stamps in the drawers & haven't really organized them in any particular way. I did try and group companies together somewhat. I have a bunch of stamps I need to weed out of my collection to because they are not being used and are taking up space. The weather is supposed to be beautiful here this weekend. I hope it is wherever you are at too! Have a fun weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Many Thanks To You!

Thank you to everyone who left me comments on my last post. I appreciate it so much! For some reason some of us, including myself were seeing blue around my blog signature & some of you were not seeing the blue. I think it is fixed now, and hopefully those of you that were seeing the blue, do not see it now. Thank you Beth for creating this cute signature for me. I have the link to her site (Freckled Fun Designs) on the right side of my blog. I have a REALLY busy week this week, but I hope to maybe be able to squeeze in something creative to share!

Do You See Blue or White? Please Help Me Out!!

Beth over at Freckled Fun Designs created this custom blog signature (see below) for me. Isn't it cute? I am seeing a blue background around the signature when I post to my blog? It should be white. Beth says she is not seeing the blue & is seeing it as white. Maybe it's just something on my end. I'm not sure why I'm seeing blue. Please help me out and let me know what you see so I know if it's just something goofy with my computer. Do you see a blue box around the signature or not? THANKS for you help :) Have a happy Monday!!